The Short Story

The Nitty Gritty
I believe that successful business ownership does not mean 90-hour work weeks, skinny paychecks, lost family time, cancelled gym memberships and vague hopes of a future payoff. With the right structures and strategies you can enjoy the benefits of a Paradise Business, now.

The Long Story

My .25 Cent Beginning
I’m Jes Thompson, brand strategist, business coach, life enthusiast and CEO and founder of Lushy Llama. I have been an entrepreneur since I was four years old, no joke. When asked for a recipe to include in my pre-k’s Mother’s Day cookbook, I submitted instead a proposal for producing and selling homemade ice cream, complete with packaging and marketing ideas. By seven I was selling my artwork door-to-door for .25 cents a piece, and at 11 began marketing myself to local businesses as an independent personal assistant for $3.25/hr. I think business leadership is just a part of my DNA. My parents created and operated Animal Makers Inc., a company that made and puppeteered fake animals for the entertainment industry. My grandfather created and ran many companies, including Boulden Publishing, where I spent many summers helping him write, sell, and package books. My grandmother started and ran a tremendously successful ladies fashion store in the 1970s, and my uncle and his sons have founded too many successful businesses in their years to list. It’s what we do.

What I Know
So, I’ve always known I would have a business, but I had to spend some time in the working world to figure out what my entrepreneurial calling was. My formal education is in communications and business and my extended studies include branding, behavioral economics, the neurocognitive behavioral approach, SEO and new media marketing, graphic design, and UDX for engagement. Which is a hoity-toity way of saying that I love learning.

My Dirty Secret
However, if you look-up “driven” in the dictionary, my name will probably be listed there with one of those big-eyed emojis. I graduated high school at 15, joined the military at 17, started my family at 20, and my business at 30. I have graduated with top honors from every program I’ve ever been in and was approached by the University of Washington to write the structure and foundation of an international branding research project before I had even graduated. If opportunity exists, I find and conquer it. This is a great entrepreneurial trait, but it comes at a cost.

Why I’m Here
Being driven certainly brought me success in my business, but I was often stressed out, anxious and hyper-focused on my tasks. I was getting clients and money was rolling in, but I was finding that I was too burnt out to enjoy it. This was the ultimate disappointment because why work so hard if at the end of the day you’re the most demanding and least gracious boss in the world to work for?

I seriously almost threw in the towel but decided to consider it during a family vacation in Maui. I took my work with me and by day three I couldn’t wait to get up at 6am to dig in to it. I was feeling creative, happy, healthy, relaxed, and in control. My husband said, “why can’t you be more like this when you work at home?” **TIME OUT- now, if you don’t know me you may not realized what just happened here but that was my husband throwing down the gauntlet, and when gauntlets are thrown, I bring it** So, BOOM, the Paradise Business Principle was born: create a business that floods your life with heath, wealth and happiness. Because honestly, you can’t fully enjoy any one of those things in abundance if you sacrifice the others to get there. It is real, people, I live it every day and I can help you make it happen in your business.

Why Lushy Llama
The name Lushy Llama came from a misunderstanding between my sister-in-law and I during a family beach vacation. I thought she had called me Lushy Llama (she had not) and for whatever reason this phrase made us both laugh until tears streamed down our faces. This became the phrase of choice for the rest of the vacation because you can’t just throw something like that out. During that trip, my husband, who has the annoying character trait of being good at everything he tries, was told how to surf on the way from the surf shop to the beach and with that information surfed flawlessly for three days. Needless to say we called him Lushy Llama for the rest of the trip because it started out as a burn and we were insanely jealous of his ability, but over time (and admittedly some maturity on my behalf) the phrase evolved to define my husband’s easy ability to learn how to do something and just -bam- make it happen. So, when it came time to name my business I got down to the core of what I want for you, my awesome clients, and it was just that- to be able to learn a better way to run your business so that -bam- just like that you can see, feel, and live the benefits of a Paradise Business.

So, What Is a Lushy Llama?
A passionate, bold, innovative entrepreneur who lives by the Paradise Business Principle: Create a business that floods your life with health, wealth, and happiness.

That’s me and this is my promise: to educate and empower you to live the Lushy Llama way.
Your business should be your paradise. I hope you will join the herd.

Jes Thompson